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Building Your Equity: Powerful Secrets to Increase Home Value

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BUILDING YOUR EQUITYThe Powerful Secrets to IncreasingYour Home ValueRevamping YourHome forMaximumProfitabilityBY DONALD & LATOYA LATIMORE©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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WELCOMEWelcome to Building Your Equity, theessential read for homeowners seekingpractical and effective solutions to elevatetheir home value. Whether you're planningto sell your property or simply aiming tospruce it up, this comprehensive guide willequip you with valuable insights andstrategies tailored to your specific needs.Dive in and discover the many ways you cantransform your home and maximize yourinvestment.Consider this guide your new go-toresource for optimizing your home'sworth and maximizing profit!— LATOYA LATIMORE©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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WHY INCREASING YOUR HOMEEQUITY IS ESSENTIALInvesting in your home is not only about making it a more comfortable spaceto live in. It's also about maximizing its future selling potential. A smartlyimproved home can significantly increase its market value, providing you witha substantial return on your investment.Our comprehensive guide will walk you through identifying your home'sstrengths and opportunities, prioritizing areas of improvement, andunderstanding the value of both quick fixes and larger renovations. With ourmarketing strategies, you'll learn how to showcase your home to its fullpotential in the eyes of homebuyers.A BRIEF ABOUT OUR HOMEIMPROVEMENT & MARKETINGSTRATEGIES©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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HI, WE ARE Since 2016, we have held a real estate licenseand have sold $85 million worth of homes. Weare Brokers and Team Owners with the LatimoreGroup of eXp Realty. We’re a family business –and have built our team around Helping YouBuild Wealth Through Real Estate™. DONALD& LATOYALATIMOREWe love what we do! From renovating and properly staging a seller’s home for the market, tohelping a first-time homebuyer become knowledgeable about the power of home equity, weenjoy educating people on all things’ real estate. We also enjoy finding fixer uppers and turningthem into beautiful affordable homes for homebuyers. With nearly 50 homes renovated andhundreds of homes staged, we have helped Columbia, SC homeowners increase their homeselling price by as high as $160,000. After implementing our design and marketing strategies,our clients have experienced an average sales price gain of $40,000. When we are not servicing our clients, we love spending time with our beautiful daughters - 6TOTAL, and networking with other hard-working Parents! Our life revolves aroundEMPOWERING others to live their dream. We are born and raised in California and have lived inSouth Carolina since 2015. Our life story makes us extremely relatable when it comes to helpingothers with RELOCATION. We are experienced real estate investors, published authors, nationalreal estate speakers/trainers, and business coaches with a flare for home design! With hundreds of homeowners served, please let us know how we can help you on youramazing journey!©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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CONTENTST a b l e o fASSESSING YOUR HOME’S POTENTIALQUICK & EFFECTIVE IMPROVEMENTSLARGER RENOVATIONS WITH LONG TERM VALUECHOOSING THE RIGHT VENDORS & CONTRACTORSSELLING YOUR HOME FOR THE HIGHEST PRICE0102030405In this chapter, we'll explore how to identify your home's strengthsand opportunities, enabling you to prioritize which areas to improve.With the help of expert advice and practical tips, you'll be well on yourway to establishing a solid plan for enhancing your home's worth.Discover a wealth of cost-effective and time-saving improvementsthat can greatly impact your home's value. From refreshing curbappeal to updating lighting fixtures, these simple yet powerfulmodifications will leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.Ready to tackle more ambitious projects? This chapter delves intothe most valuable renovations for your home, including kitchenand bathroom makeovers, energy-efficient upgrades, and smartways to maximize available spaces.A successful renovation relies on the expertise of skilledprofessionals. In this chapter, learn how to find trustworthyvendors and contractors, avoid scams, and obtain accurate quotesfor a smooth home improvement experience.Finally, it's time to showcase your home's transformation andreap the rewards. This chapter sheds light on various marketingstrategies, staging techniques, and valuable resources to ensureyour home is sold at the highest price possible.©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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01ASSESSING YOURHOME’S POTENTIALSuccessful home improvement startswith recognizing the strengths andopportunities of your property andprioritizing areas that require the mostattention. In this chapter, we'll help youassess your home's layout, structureand condition. This will provide afoundation for the decisions you'll needto make when developing a plan totransform your property. ©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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Most homeowners dream of improving theirhomes, whether it's for practical reasons orsimply to increase their property's worth. Ifyou're looking to increase the value of yourhome, there are a plethora of optionsavailable to you. From upgrading appliancesto adding more square footage, thepossibilities may seem endless. However,before you dive headfirst into any homeimprovement projects, it's essential to startwith the basics: assessing your home'spotential.Assessing your home's potential is thefoundation of successful homeimprovement. It's all about recognizing yourproperty's strengths and opportunities andprioritizing areas that need improvement.More importantly, it’s about deciding howmuch you should, or should not, invest intoyour home. By taking the time to assess yourproperty, you can create a solid plan forenhancing your home's worth.ASSESSING YOUR HOME’S POTENTIALhome is whereone starts from©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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Before you start making any significant changes to your home, it's crucial tounderstand what you're working with. Assessing your home's strengths andopportunities can help you identify areas where you can make improvementsthat will have a significant impact on its value. The primary areas of your homeyou should assess include:02LAYOUT AND FLOW OF THEINTERIOR:The layout and flow of your home'sinterior can be a significant turn-offfor potential buyers or renters. Lookat how your floor plan flows andwhether you can make any smallupdates to improve that flow.Consider functionality and space. Doyou feel cramped or cozy when yourfamily gathers?01EXTERIOR AND CURBAPPEAL:Your home's outer appearance is thefirst thing people notice. Look for anysigns of wear and tear, such aspeeling paint or cracked siding.Improve curb appeal by adding somefresh landscaping, a new mailbox, oreven a stylish new front door. Howabout siding? You will be amazed athow much you can improve yourhome’s appearance by simply hiring aprofessional to pressure wash. IDENTIFYING YOUR HOME’S STRENGTHS &OPPORTUNITIES©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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03OVERALL LIVING SPACE:Is your home comfortable andlivable? Does it have ample storagespace, enough bathrooms, andenough bedrooms? These things canmake a significant difference in yourhome's value. Are there anyopportunities to add to yourstructure? Do you need to repurposeany rooms?05ENERGY EFFCIENCY:One of the most significant sellingpoints of modern homes is energyefficiency. If your home isn't energy-efficient, you may be losing moneyunnecessarily. Look at ways toimprove insulation, upgradewindows, and install a smartthermostat.04STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY:The most vital aspect of your home isits structural integrity. If there areany issues in this area, you'll need toaddress them before making anycosmetic changes. Take theopportunity to hire a trusted homeinspector. There is nothing worsethan spending money beautifyingyour home, only to discover that younow need to budget for unexpectedhome maintenance costs.©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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PRIORITIZING AREAS OFIMPROVEMENTWhich areas require the mostimmediate attention? Which improvements will have thehighest return on investment? Can you tackle any improvementsyourself, or will you need professionalhelp?Which improvements will give you thegreatest impact on your quality of life?Once you've assessed your home andidentified its strengths and opportunities,it's time to prioritize what you need to do.Ask yourself these questions to help youdetermine what should come first:©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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Finally, it's crucial to set realistic goals and budgetsbefore you get started. Assess your finances,determine what you can realistically afford, and thencreate a plan that will help you achieve your goalswithin that budget. Don’t forget to ask yourself, “how many more years do Iplan to live in this home?” “Will I improve this home formy own benefit, or to attract a future homebuyer?”This will quickly help you decide whether you shouldover-indulge or keep to a low friendly budget.When it comes to creating a realistic budget, don'tforget to factor in unexpected expenses. Hidden costssuch as repair work or permit fees can quickly add up,so be sure to leave some wiggle room in your budget. By taking the time to assess your home's potential,prioritize areas of improvement, and establishachievable goals and budgets, you can unlock yourhome's true value.SETTING REALISTIC GOALS & BUDGETS©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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DELAYING HOMEMAINTENANCEAside from the previous points, it is crucial toallocate a budget for home maintenance. Similarto car maintenance, neglecting upkeep may resultin the need to budget for a replacement vehicle inthe future. Neglecting proper maintenance foryour home can prove to be significantly morecostly than replacing a car. Your hard earnedequity could be at risk. So, ensure you are savingenough for home maintenance and repairs.Consider setting up a separate bank accountspecifically for this purpose. In the long run, it willsave you money in the form of preventativemaintenance costs and potential repairs due toneglecting upkeep. Budgeting for homemaintenance can also help identify problemsbefore they become more costly surprises. By allocating the necessary funds and making sureto update or repair things on a regular basis, youcan keep your home in tip top shape and preventmore expensive problems from occurring downthe line. With proper budgeting, homeownershipdoesn’t have to be an overwhelming expense. Allit takes is some planning and prioritizing ofspending. ©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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The chart below indicates the percentage of homeowners with unresolved repairissues and the anticipated home repair costs. Per the National Association ofRealtors®, “only 41% of homeowners say they could afford a $500 repair out ofpocket, and that percentage drops to 28% for those who could afford a $1,000repair.” The need to create a separate account to save for home maintenance isnecessary. If you are unable to apply this method, consider purchasing a homewarranty. Be sure to address structural needs before beautifying your home.THE TRUE COST OF DELAYING HOME MAINTENANCE©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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Sometimes, seemingly small changescan lead to a significant increase inhome value. This short chapter willexplore quick and effectiveimprovements.CHAPTER TWO02QUICK & EFFECTIVEIMPROVEMENTS©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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UPDATING LIGHT FIXTURESReplace outdated fixtures withmodern designs that enhance andbrighten your home's interior. Theright light fixtures can transform aroom and add character to yourhome. Get quotes for recessed lights.CREATING CURB APPEAL• Landscaping: plant flowers, trimhedges, and mow the lawn• Power-washing: clean the exteriorof the house, driveway, and walkways• Painting: update the front door,trim, and shuttersDECLUTTERING &ORGANIZING SPACESOrganized, clutter-free spaces makeyour home appear bigger and moreinviting to future potentialhomebuyers. Invest in organizingmaterials like wall organizers,shelves, and other functional items tokeep your home neat and tidy. PAINTING ROOMS &FRESHENING UP WALLSA fresh coat of paint can transformyour home, making it look clean andupdated. It's a relatively easy andaffordable DIY project that willdefinitely make your home look moreattractive and inviting. Repaint allwhite trim and molding for a refresh.QUICK & EFFECTIVE IMPROVEMENTSDiscover a wealth of cost-effective and time-saving improvements that can greatlyimpact your home's value. From refreshing curb appeal to updating lighting fixtures,these simple yet powerful modifications will leave a lasting impression on future,potential homebuyers.©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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LARGERRENOVATIONSWITH LONGTERM VALUE03Ready to tackle more ambitiousprojects? Though they may require amore sizeable investment, largerrenovation projects can yield impressivelong-term value—particularly when doneintelligently. ©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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If you are considering a major renovation to increase the value of your home,revamping your kitchen or bathroom is a great place to start. While theseupdates can be costly, the return on investment can be significant.Homeowners who update their kitchen or bathroom can expect to recoup alarge percentage of their investment when it comes time to sell. Plus, theseupdates will not only increase your home's value, but they can also make yourliving spaces more enjoyable and functional in the meantime. Whether youopt for new cabinets and countertops in your kitchen or a spa-like upgrade inyour bathroom, a well-executed renovation can pay off in the long run.When it comes to home renovations, the kitchen and bathroom are oftenconsidered the most important areas to focus on. This is because theserooms have a significant impact on both the value of your home and youroverall satisfaction with your living space. In addition to increasing the valueof your home, updating your kitchen or bathroom can also make your dailylife much more enjoyable. A modern, functional kitchen can make cookingand entertaining a breeze, while a spa-like bathroom can provide a relaxingretreat after a long day. Life balance is essential.REVAMPING YOURKITCHEN OR BATHROOM©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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MAKING ENERGY-EFFICIENT UPGRADESWith the increasing focus on energy conservationand reducing carbon footprints, it is no surprisethat more and more homeowners are opting tomake energy-efficient upgrades to theirproperties. Not only do these upgrades help toreduce environmental impact, but they also holdthe potential to increase the value of the homeand provide a solid return on investment.Particularly, when considered as part of a larger,major renovation project. By installing energy-efficient windows, upgrading insulation and airsealing, and upgrading appliances to more energy-efficient models, homeowners can enjoy a morecomfortable living environment while alsoincreasing the resale value of their property overthe long term. Additionally, creating a green living environmentcan also be achieved through the use ofrenewable energy sources. For example, solarpanels are becoming increasingly popular amonghomeowners who are looking to reduce theirenergy bills or even go off-grid. Another option isgeothermal heating and cooling systems whichcan provide an efficient way to cool and heat ahome while using minimal electricity. ©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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Convert unused or underutilized spaces,like attics, basements, or garages, intofunctional living areas. This adds valuablesquare footage to your home. To make thisprocess efficient and cost-effective,prioritize which spaces you want toconvert. Then, plan a budget and timelinefor the project. Use local contractors or hire generalcontractors experienced in working withyour home's architecture. Keep in mindthat if you choose to remodel certain livingareas, it will need permits depending onthe size of the space being converted.Consider consulting with a professionalarchitect or designer, especially if you planon making any structural changes. When selecting any materials for theconversion project, such as furniture,appliances, flooring, etc., look for itemsthat are cost-effective yet durable andaesthetically pleasing. Your new living areawill be an extension of your home's style soconsider how all of the elements will worktogether. Once everything is ready to go, take time toenjoy your new living area. MAXIMIZING AVAILABLE SPACEThe home should bethe treasure chest ofliving.©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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Research on remodeling reveals that specific projects yield higher returns oninvestment compared to others. To make well-informed decisions duringhomeownership or before selling a property, it is advisable to refer to recentreports for the latest and most accurate information.According to the 2022 Remodeling Impact report published by the NationalAssociation of REALTORS® (NAR), the following projects have a cost recoveryof 56% - 147% for home interior projects:HOME IMPROVEMENTS WITH THE HIGHESTRETURN ON IVESTMENT (ROI)©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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04CHOOSING THE RIGHTVENDORS &CONTRACTORSHiring expert professionalsWatching out for potential scamsGetting accurate quotesAssembling the right team is crucial fora successful home improvement project.Let us guide you through the process of:©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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If you're thinking about making major renovations to your home, such asadding a room or redesigning your kitchen, it's important to hire expertprofessionals to help you get the job done right. While a major renovation may seem like a good idea, it's important to firstconsider which areas will have the biggest impact on your home's value.Obtaining expert advice and guidance can help you make informed decisionsabout which renovations and improvements will be worth the investment.From hiring professional contractors to working with knowledgeable realestate agents, surrounding yourself with experienced professionals can helpensure your home improvement project is a success. Trusting theprofessionals to deliver on their expertise can ultimately lead to a higherreturn on investment and an increased home value that you'll be proud of.But how do you go about finding the right experts for the job? It's importantto do your research, ask for references, and shop around for the best value.Don't be afraid to ask questions and make sure you feel comfortable with theprofessionals you choose to work with. After all, this is your home and it'simportant that you trust those who are helping to improve it. Don't forget toask about our design and renovation services. After renovating and sellinghundreds of homes, we are highly experienced with improving home values.In addition, we can recommend our trusted contractors.HIRING EXPERT PROFESSIONALS©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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Be cautious of potential scams that canquickly turn your major renovation into amajor headache. To ensure a successfulrenovation, do your research on anycontractors you are considering hiring andask for references. Beware of any companythat demands payment upfront or refuses tosign a contract. Always read any contractsthoroughly, paying close attention to thedetails and any hidden fees. Remember, if aquote sounds too good to be true, it usuallyis.If you are ever unsure, you can run thecontractors license number through yourstate’s Labor Licensing & Regulation websiteto validate licensing and check for anycomplaints. By taking the time to watch out for potentialscams, you can ensure that your renovationproject is a wise investment that adds valueto your home.WATCHING OUT FORPOTENTIAL SCAMShome is a shelterfrom storms©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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MOST COMMON CONTRACTOR SCAMS©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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Home improvement projects can be a great way toincrease the value of your home and provide a solidreturn on investment. But when it comes to hiringcontractors for major renovations, it can be difficult toknow whether you're getting an accurate quote for thework that needs to be done. With so many variables to consider, it's important to doyour research and seek out multiple quotes tocompare. The quotes should clearly detail labor costsand if applicable, material costs. This will not only helpyou determine a fair price for the job, but it can alsoprovide peace of mind that you're working with acontractor who is experienced and qualified to handlethe work.By taking the time to find the right contractor andensuring that you're getting an accurate quote, you canfeel confident in your decision to invest in your home.GETTING ACCURATE QUOTES©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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Marketing strategies to maximizeexposureStaging your home for showings andopen houses Deploying our services to optimizeyour home's valueOnce your home is updated andimproved, you may decide that it is timeto turn your attention to making thesale. If you are ready to get your homesold, then this chapter will providevaluable insights on:CHAPTER FIVE05SELLING YOUR HOMEFOR THE HIGHESTPRICE©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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STAGING &PHOTOGRAPHYStaged homes sell 72% faster than homesthat are not professionally staged.Professional staging can help you make sureyour home is inviting, attractive andmarketable to potential buyers. Fromdecluttering to arranging furniture in a waythat showcases the features of the home,staging helps create a great first impressionfor anyone who visits. Staging paired withhigh-quality photography will help showcasethe home in its best light. Capturingnumerous online views. Staging doesn't have to be expensive either.We strategically decorate with items youalready own. This goes a long way in makingyour home look more attractive. Littletouches such as fresh flowers, updatedfixtures and strategically placed art canmake a big difference. You should alsoconsider the power of paint when it comesto staging - repainting neutral colors canhelp create an inviting atmosphere thatstands out from other homes on themarket.Our real estate team has sold hundreds ofhomes for more money and in less time, asa result of our Photography and StagingServices. The bathroom photo to thebottom left is the result of our renovationsand staging.©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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VIDEOGRAPHYWhen marketing your home to sell, videography is just as important as photography. Videography allows potential buyers to get a virtual tour of the home and can helpshowcase features that might otherwise be missed in photos. Plus, video content ismore engaging and easier for buyers to understand than static images alone.Incorporating videography into your marketing strategy will give you the edge when itcomes to selling your home. There are several options for creating effective videos. Our secret sauce is to tell a story through video, without giving away too much. The keyis to show just enough... to compel a homebuyer to book the actual home tour. It is inperson, where the connection with your home is actually made.Our real estate team, The Latimore Group of eXp Realty, uses disruptive marketingstrategies for showcasing your home through video. ***Remember, mosthomebuyers begin their home search online. We pay to market propertieseverywhere where homeowners are. Review the next page for example videos.Good food and a warm kitchen are whatmakes a house a home.©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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OPTIMIZING YOUR HOME’S VALUEThe more exposure you can get for your home, the better chance you have at sellingyour home in under 30 days and for more money. Videography by the Latimore Groupgives your home maximum exposure. Click PLAY to see why we are ranked in theTop 1%.©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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If you are thinking about selling your home and need help withstaging/renovations, then learn more about our signature program. We haveoffered our Home Makeover Concierge program for many years now andhelped several homeowners sell for far more than nearby comparable homes. If you are selling and want to massively increase your cash out at closing bytaking advantage of our signature program, then book a free consultation.There are no upfront costs to you. CLICK the button or link to learn more.Home isn’t where you’re from, it’s where youfind light when all grows dark.BONUS: HOME MAKEOVER CONCIERGE BEFOREAFTER©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya

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InspirationInspiration©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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FINALCONCLUSION06In this conclusive chapter, we'll reviewthe importance of strategic homeimprovement and address commonconcerns or questions you may have.This guide is designed to be a livingresource, and we invite you to reach outto us for personalized support andassistance in building your homeequity.©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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Congratulations! You made it to the end of this guide and you're now armedwith the knowledge you need to increase your home's value and return oninvestment. With dedicated effort, careful planning, and a bit of creativity, youcan make your property dreams come true. Good luck! Now that you have all the tools at your disposal, it's time to get started on yourhome improvement journey. Whether you're focusing on quick and effectiveimprovements, larger renovations with long-term value, or selling yourproperty at the highest possible price - we have the tips and tricks to ensuresuccess. So, what are you waiting for? Take action now and start transforming yourhome into a living space of beauty and functionality - and begin reaping therewards of increased value!If home is where the heart is, then mayyour home be blessed.©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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SUCCESSFULSTORY My former Realtors got zero results for 6months (I chose their group because theywere supposedly the best in town). When Ifired them, Latoya was one of severalRealtors trying to get my business. When Iasked her how she'd be any different, Latoyakept saying she'd get me an offer. Yeahright.... they all say that!!!Turns out shewasn't cocky, she was right! Latoya andDonald got an offer on my house after ONEopen house day!!!!! They absolutely rock.They staged my house beautifully, theypatiently answered every question andconcern I had, they are true professionals. Ifyou're on the fence about who to choose,you will be very happy you chose Latoya andher team. (signed: a guy who's never posted a review inhis life)."THE BACK STORYThis homeowner lived out of state and wasnot fully aware of his home’s condition. Werecommended paint , minor repairs andstaging. As a result, we changed theunsellable to SOLD in just a few days ofmarketing. Preparation is key.Setting goals is the firststep in turning theinvisible into the visible.©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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HELPFUL RESOURCESHOMEOWNER TIPSWhether you are looking for betterways to maintain your home, keepthings clean and tidy, or simplequick home remedies, check outour site.HOME SELLING TIPSLooking for more tips on how toprepare your home to sell? Feel freeto browse our site.FINDING YOUR NEXT HOMEAre you looking for a lake home?Maybe a luxury home? Or newconstruction home... Perhaps asmaller home? No matter what youdesire, tour available homes.VIDEO RESOURCESDo you want more real estateinformation and communityinformation on demand? Be sure tosubscribe to our YouTube©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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FAQsIf you are wondering if renovations are right for you, the answer ismaybe! Updating your home can help increase the value, improveenergy efficiency, and even make your home look moreaesthetically pleasing. No matter what type of renovation projectyou're looking for, there's something out there that can fit yourneeds! From full-scale remodels to simple updates, renovations area great way to get the most out of your living.HOW CAN YOU DETERMINE IF RENOVATIONS ARE RIGHT FOR YOU?Designers have experience in understanding space planning, colortheory, and interior design principles. They will be able to help youcreate a custom plan for your home based on your needs andbudget. The designer would also recommend furniture, fixtures,appliances, and other items needed to complete the project. Theirexpertise is invaluable when it comes to navigating the complexitiesof renovating a home.WHAT ARE SOME TYPICAL REASONS SOMEONEMIGHT HIRE A DESIGNER?If you still have questions, we are more than happy to schedule a nocost and no obligation consultation with you at your convenience.WHAT IF I STILL HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUTCOMPLETING RENOVATIONS AND THE COST?©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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BONUSMATERIALS07©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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BONUS01Use this Home Maintenance Checklist to make sure your home is in tip-topshape. It includes tasks to tackle inside and outside of your home, whetheryou’re a first-time homeowner or an experienced one. From checking fordamages to cleaning out the gutters, this checklist has it all—so you can keepyour house in good condition without any hassle! Neglecting homemaintenance can lead to a decline in home equity.HOME MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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Donald & LaToyaLatimorewww.Concierge.LatimoreGroup.comRealEstate@LatimoreGroup.com803-563-3706SpringFallGet your heating system inspectedReplace the batteries in detectorsGive your house a deep cleanCheck sprinkler and irrigation systemsInspect sidewalks and drivewayCheck seals around doors and windowsClean out your guttersPowerwash windows, siding & drivewayVacuum your refrigerator coilsPolish wood furnitureClear dead plantsRepair damaged window screensGet your heating system inspectedDrain and winterize outdoor spigotsClean refrigerator and freezerSchedule a chimney inspection and cleaningClean your fireplaceSeal your outdoor surface areasReplace your furnace air filterCheck fire extinguishers & have a safety kitTurn off outside hose bibsClean gutters and check roofWinterize air conditioning systemsFlush water heater and remove sedimentClean and repair deck/patioDust the ceiling fan bladesInspect plumbing for leaksGet your cooling system readyCheck and clean dryer vent Landscape your lawn and gardenTake care of any insect problemsClean your garageCheck and repair tiles throughout your houseClean out window wells of debrisCheck driveway for cracksCheck the attic for holesDeep clean your laundry roomCover outdoor air-conditioning unitsTighten any handles or doorknobsCheck all locks and deadboltsRemove showerheads and cleanCheck gutters for ice damsTrim overhanging tree branchesDrain and winterize outdoor spigotsTest smoke and carbon monoxide detectorsInspect grout and caulkingClean refrigerator and freezerTest your sump pumpClean drains in sinks & showersRun waters and flush toiletsSummer WinterYOUR LOCALREAL ESTATE BROKERS& TEAM OWNERSChecklistMAINTENANCEHOME

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BONUS02Prior to selling your home or starting any major home improvement projects,you want to make sure your home is structurally sound. Use this pre-inspection checklist as a guide to familiarize yourself with the condition ofyour home. This checklist covers key areas that are important to inspectbefore making any major changes or investments.PRE-INSPECTION CHECKLIST©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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803-563-3706www.Concierge.LatimoreGroup.comRealEstate@LatimoreGroup.comELECTRICALMISCELLANEOUSPLUMBINGNo aluminum cable for branch circuitsHeating/cooling systemAppears to operate well throughout (good air flow)No evidence of moistureStairway treads and risers solidStair handrails where needed and in good conditionWater pump: does not short cycleGalvanized pipes do not restrict water flowWater fixtures functioning properlyFlues: no open seams, slopes up to chimney connectionNo rust around cooling unitNo combustion gas odorAir filters cleanDuctwork in good conditionNo asbestos on heating pipes, water pipes or air ductsBasement or mechanical roomInsulation at rim/band joistsSmoke and carbon monoxide detectors were required bylocal ordinancesAutomatic garage door opener operates properly, stopsproperly for obstaclesWater heater: no signs of rust, appropriately vented, sizedto produce adequate quantities of hot water for the numberof bedrooms in the houseSeparate flues for gas/oil/propane and wood/coalVisible wiring: in good condition, no "knob-and-tube"wiring, no exposed splices, cables secured and protectedService panel: adequate capacity, all cables attached topanel with cable connectors; fuses or breakers are notoverheatingExposed foundation; no stains, no major cracks, no flaking,no efflorescenceVisible pipes: no damage, no evidence of leaks, no signs ofstains on materials near pipes; drain pipes slope slightlydown towards outlet to septic/sewage systemVisible structural wood: no sagging, no damage, no decay,no stains, no damage from insects, sills attached tofoundation with anchor boltsSAFETY CHECKKITCHENBuilt-in appliances operate properlyNo leaks in pipes under sinksFloor in cabinet under sink solid, no stains or decayWater flow in sink adequateWater flow in sink adequateWorking exhaust fan that is vented to the exterior of the buildingGround fault circuit interrupter ("GFCI") protection for electrical outlets within 6 feet of the sinks Dishwasher: drains properly, no leaks, baskets, door spring operates properlyNo excessive rust or deterioration on garbagedisposal or waste pipesCabinets in good condition: doors and drawers operate properlyBATHROOMWorking fan that doesn't terminate in the attic spaceAdequate flow and pressure at all fixturesSink, tub, and shower drain properlyPlumbing and cabinet floor in good conditionToilet operates properlyToilet stable, no rocking, no stains around the baseTub or shower tiles secure, wall surface solidCaulking in good condition inside and outside of the tubNo stains or evidence of past leaking around baseIf the sink is metal, it shows no signs of rust, overflowdrain doesn't leakHVAC SYSTEMRidge and fascia board lines appear straight and levelSides of house appear straight, not bowed or saggingWindow and door frames appear square Visible foundation in good condition - appears straight, plumb, with no cracksCarbon monoxide detectorsAdequate outdoor lightingSmoke detectorsCircuit breakersYOUR LOCALREAL ESTATE BROKERDonald & LaToyaLatimoreChecklistPRE-INSPECTION

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STRUCTURERidge and fascia board lines appear straight and levelSides of house appear straight, not bowed or saggingWindow and door frames appear square Visible foundation in good condition - appears straight, plumb, with no cracksOUTSIDE YARDProper grading drainage away from the houseNo evidence of standing waterNo leaks from septic system (if applicable)Yard, landscaping and walkways are in good conditionNo branches or bushes touching houseNo evidence of pest Infestation, fungus or rotDriveways, sidewalks, patios in good conditionDownspout drainage directed away from homeExterior structures are in good condition Railings on stairs and decks are adequate, secure andmeet building codesROOFComposition shingles: no curling, no cupping, no lossof granulation particulate, no broken, damaged or missing shingles, no more than two layers of roofingWood shingles or shakes: no mold, rot or decay, nocracked/broken/missing shingles, no curlingFlat roofs: no apparent patches, no cracks, minimalblisters/"alligatoring" and wrinkles, no silt deposits(indicates improper drainage), sealed tar at flashingsFlashing around roof penetrationsNo evidence of excess roofing cement/tar/caulkSoffits and fascia: no decay, no stainsExterior venting for eave areas: vents are clean and not painted overChimneys: straight, properly flashed, no evidence ofdamaged bricks or cracked joints, mortar/cement capin good conditionGutters: no decay or rust, joints sealed, attachedsecurely to structure, no bending or sagging, nosections of gutter or downspout missing, gutters clean,no mud depositsWINDOWS, DOORS Joints around frames are caulkedReplace damaged screens and windowpanes Storm windows or thermal glass usedDrip caps installed over windowsWood frames and trim pieces are secure, no cracks, rot or decayEXTERIOR SURFACESSiding: no cracking, curling, loose, rot or decayMasonry veneers: No cracks, no broken componentsStucco: No large cracks Vinyl siding: no dents, no bowing or loose sidingNo vines on the surface of the structureExterior paint or stain: no flaking or blistersNo stains on exterior surfacesAdequate clearance between ground and wood sidingmaterials (6" minimum); no wood-to-earth contactATTICNo stains on underside of roofingNo evidence of decay or damage to structureNo open electrical splicesSufficient and properly installed insulationNo plumbing, exhaust or appliance ventsterminating in atticAdequate ventilation, clear path into attic for airentering through soffit vents, adequately sized gableend louvers, all mechanical ventilation operationalCRAWL SPACEAdequately vented to exteriorNo evidence of insect damageNo evidence of moisture damageInsulation on exposed water supply, waste and vent pipesInsulation between crawl space and heated areas,installed with vapor barrier towards heated areaBASEMENTNo evidence of moistureNo evidence of water damage to above floorSump pump operates properly803-563-3706 www.Concierge.LatimoreGroup.comRealEstate@LatimoreGroup.comChecklistPRE-INSPECTION

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BONUS03When was the last time you took a comprehensive walk-through of yourhome, seeing it through the discerning eyes of a potential buyer? I meanreally examining every nook and cranny, comparing it to a fully furnished newconstruction home. If you're unsure where to begin with your homeimprovement projects, utilize this Inspection Checklist to evaluate your home.You might opt to start with the areas that received lower ratings, enhancingyour overall satisfaction with your living space. INSPECTION CHECKLIST©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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FloorsLandingLightsRailingTreadsWallsSTAIRSBad Okay GoodAddress: ___________________________________________________________________Date: _________________________ Completed By: ______________________BaseboardsCeilingCeiling fanLightsSwitchesTrimDoorsFloorsWindowsDENBad Okay GoodCeiling DoorsFloorsLightsStorageWallsWindowsGARAGEBad Okay GoodBack doorsFront doorsGarage doorsDeck, porch, patioDoorbellDrivewayGarbage receptacleRecycling receptacleHouse numbersMailboxOutdoor lightsPaint & trimParkingSidewalksSidingsWindowsEXTERIORBad Okay GoodBlockagesC. monoxide detectorMantleSootTilesLiningFIREPLACEBad Okay GoodDrainageFences & gatesRetaining wallShedSprinklersSwimming poolYARDBad Okay GoodChimneyGutters & downspoutsSoffits & FasciaROOFBad Okay GoodBaseboardsCeilingFloorsTrimWallsDoorsClosetsLightsSwitchesHALLWAYSBad Okay GoodChecklistINSPECTION803-563-3706 / /

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Bad Okay GoodKITCHENBaseboardsCeilingFloorsTrimWallsDoorsClosetsLightsSwitchesBad Okay GoodDINING ROOMBad Okay GoodBaseboardsCeilingCeiling fanFloorsTrimWallsDoorsWindowsLightsSwitchesLIVING ROOMBad Okay GoodSTAIRSAir conditioningCircuit breakersDrainageWater heaterFurnaceMain electrical panelBad Okay GoodUTILITIESBad Okay GoodATTICBASEMENTBad Okay GoodExtra Notes: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ChecklistINSPECTIONBaseboardsCeilingFloorsTrimWallsDoorsWindowsLightsSwitchesCabinets & drawersCountertopsSinkDishwasherGarbage disposalOvenStoveRefrigeratorSmoke detectorsGFCI outletFloorsLandingLightsRailingTreadsWallsInsulationLadderVentilationBaseboardsCeilingLightsSwitchesTrimDoorsFloorsWindowsFoundationStairsStorageSump pumpWasher / dryer803-563-3706 / /

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Bad Okay GoodBEDROOM 3Bad Okay GoodBaseboardsCeilingCeiling fanFloorsTrimWallsDoorsWindowsLightsSwitchesClosetBEDROOM 1Bad Okay GoodBEDROOM 2Bad Okay GoodBATHROOM 1CeilingLightsSwitchesTrimDoorsFloorsWindowsCabinets & drawersSinkToiletTub / showerBad Okay GoodBATHROOM 2CeilingLightsSwitchesTrimDoorsFloorsWindowsCabinets & drawersSinkToiletTub / showerBad Okay GoodBATHROOM 3Extra Notes: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ChecklistINSPECTION803-563-3706 / / www.Concierge.LatimoreGroup.comBaseboardsCeilingCeiling fanFloorsTrimWallsDoorsWindowsLightsSwitchesClosetBaseboardsCeilingCeiling fanFloorsTrimWallsDoorsWindowsLightsSwitchesClosetCeilingLightsSwitchesTrimDoorsFloorsWindowsCabinets & drawersSinkToiletTub / shower

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BONUS04When you are ready to sell your home, use this Pre-Listing Checklist as aguide for properly preparing your home to list on the real estate market. Thischecklist will help you make sure your house is in the best condition it can befor when it comes time to list your home and show potential homebuyers.From cleaning out clutter to inspecting major systems, this Pre-ListingChecklist will provide you with the steps needed to properly prepare yourhome. Need something a little more comprehensive? Give our team a call! Wehave years of experience to take you from “photo ready” to “show ready.”PRE-LISTING CHECKLIST©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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BATHROOMLAUNDRY ROOMGARAGECURB APPEALEXTERIORDonald & LaToyaLatimoreClean all surfacesRemove rust and mildew stainsClean soap residueRecaulk shower / sink / tub / cabinetryReplace worn rugs and towelsClean or replace shower curtainCoordinate all linens in one or two colorsFold towels in thirds on the rackClean and repair groutCheck water is draining correctlyEnsure the toilet operates properlyCheck the exhaust fanCheck water pressureHide garbage cans & cleaning suppliesOrganize cabinets to be nice and neatPowerwash driveway and sidingRemove driveway stainsFill driveway cracksRepaint or stain patioClean windows and wellsRepaint sidingClean and repair guttersReplace missing shinglesEnsure lights are workingMake sure doorbell is workingCheck home alarm functionsMake any necessary roof repairsClean pool / spa Clean filters and plumbingClean all outdoor ItemsLight the driveway & sidewalksAdd plantsMow lawnTrim around walkwaysTrim trees and bushesRemove weeds from flowerbedsMulch around trees and flowerbedsClean and paint the front doorAdd a new doormatUpgrade your mailboxInstall a new door handleInstall new house numbersClean all surfacesPut soap and supplies in cupboardsOrganize shelvesWipe down washer and dryerPut all clothing awayPowerwash floorsOrganize to create floor spaceOrganize items in bins on shelvesCover exposed wiringEnsure the garage door is workingChecklistPRE-LISTING REAL ESTATE BROKERS & TEAM OWNERS803-563-3706 / Columbia, /

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Clean/wax/refinish floorsClean mirrorsClean fireplacesLightly oil squeaking hingesRemove excess or tired furnitureTighten up loose doorknobsClean windows and window wellsRepair holes and cracks in wallsRepaint with neutral colorsTouch up ceilingClean baseboards and trimOrganize basementCheck and replace lightbulbsAdd lamps to any dark spaceDust all lights and ceiling fansDust shelves and wall artRemove personal photosHave carpets professionally cleanedFix leaky faucetsOrganize closets leaving free spaceClean all blinds and curtainsCheck window seals and locksClean all filters and vent coversReplace worn pillows and rugsPlace fresh flowers on the tableClean all doorsPut away shoesPut away pet food & suppliesMinimize furnitureClean fireplacesClean upholsteryPrune and nurture all house plantsDeep clean refrigerator and stoveEnsure all appliances are workingWash all cabinets frontsOrganize to create spaceRemove magnets from the refrigeratorTake out all trash and hide trash canDisplay anything visible through glass Keep furniture at a minimumKeep coffee tables clearRemove any ashtraysClean fireplacesClean upholsteryUse pillows & throwsDeclutter and create empty space in closetsStore daily necessities In drawers Dust and organize nightstandsLaunder bedding and pillowsClean Shades and curtainsOrganize furniture to look spaciousPurchase new bedspreads if necessaryKeep the dining table clearUse one nice centerpieceClean any glass displaysMake sure the chandelier is 60" from the floor minimumOVERALL INTERIORLIVING ROOMBEDROOMSDINING ROOMKITCHENChecklistPRE-LISTING Donald & LaToyaLatimoreREAL ESTATE BROKERS & TEAM OWNERS803-563-3706 / Columbia, /

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LEARN MORE!CONTACT US We invite you to learn more about all of the tools and resources we provideto our community. Our real estate business is built around Helping YouBuild Wealth Through Real Estate!™ We provide access to the best realestate education and tools available. Our team is dedicated to providingyou with the right information, guidance and support you need to makeinformed decisions about your real estate journey. From our various homesearch tools and market research data to our online forums and webinars –we have everything you need in one place. Contact us today! 803-563-3706CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS!©Copyright 2023 Donald and LaToya Latimore

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